De què gaudiràs?

Experiment with the senses and get carried away by the tastes and traditions of the Terres de l’Ebre. A territory full of quality products that leave the land and sea and end up in the Station kitchen where we endeavour to transform them into culinary traditions.

If you’re a cyclist, a family, a foodie, a group looking to celebrate or a couple in search of tranquillity … savour the Benifallet Station kitchen’s wares.

Can you imagine a mountain style rice on the terrace, while enjoying the natural surroundings and the passage of cyclists along the Greenway?
Or grilled organic vegetables that our neighbour Josep collected in the morning and that you are now savouring on our summer terrace under a starry sky?
Or a fish or meat dish fresh from the grill?
And all accompanied by the excellent wines of the DO Terra Alta?

But maybe you’re more of vermouth or big breakfast person or you’re looking for an area without cars for a celebration and where children can play quietly and safely or you just want us to prepare a picnic for you while you explore the Greenway.

Imagine!! A Gastronomic Hotel at the foot of the Zafan Valley Greenway, in the heart of a Biosphere Reserve, Terres de l’Ebre.

We are committed to local quality cuisine!!

We are members of CREG16 European Region Catalunya Gastronomy 2016

Lunch menu on weekends – 18 €

Explica’ns què podem fer per tu

If we do not answer immediately, please remember that we are working outdoors in nature and it may be that we cannot answer you at this precise moment. As soon we can, we will contact you.

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