Nomadic Experience


En què consisteix?

The Nomadic concept refers to roaming. Forget uninspiring meetings in uninspirational spaces.

Use natural spaces provided by the Biosphere Reserve: 6,000 m2 in an old train station designed for business tourism, a greenway, the Ebro river and two Natural Parks are just some of the resources that make the Ebre Territories such a suitable framework for developing all kinds of programs for business.

Amfivia, 11 years creating experiences.

Esgambi, 20 years of doing the Greenway and activities in the natural environment.

The Old Benifallet Station, outdoor meeting centre in the Ebre Territories.

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If we do not answer immediately, please remember that we are working outdoors in nature and it may be that we cannot answer you at this precise moment. As soon we can, we will contact you.

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