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Esgambi: 20 years of pedalling on the greenway


Since 1996 Esgambi has been a pioneer in the Zafan Valley Greenway and therefore we feel we are aware of almost everything that you will need in order to discover this wonderful land full of contrasts.

Simple and robust bicycles for the sections of the greenway in Terra Alta and Baix Ebre.
Bicycles for covering kilometres and discovering the sections of Matarranya, Aragon and Bajo Martin or for entering the Ebro Delta.

Bicicletes elèctriques per aquells que necessitem una ajuda extra.

Electric bicycles for those who need that little extra help.
And for families: Bicycles of all sizes, child seats, carts and all necessary accessories.

And to celebrate our 20th anniversary, Esgambi moved to a new, much more spacious and comfortable base where you can find all our services: All types of bicycles and accessories, repair shop, Val de Zafan Greenway and general tourist information covering the whole territory.

Do the Greenway with Esgambi!

Ask us and we’ll help you discover the greenway in the best way.

Esgambi: 20 years of pedalling on the greenway

Ask us what we can do for you

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If we do not answer immediately, please remember that we are working outdoors in nature and it may be that we cannot answer you at this precise moment. As soon we can, we will contact you.

© 2016 Estació de Benifallet | Tots els drets reservats
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