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To celebrate the 20 years of Esgambi and to be able to offer a better service to our visitors, we change of place.

An old wine cellar adapted to the new times. A much more spacious and modernized space where you can find all our services.

The new place of Esgambi is located on the same street as the previous one, but at number 19 instead of 7.

Come and visit us and discover the world of Esgambi.

We have been pedalling along the Greenway for 20 years and doing activities in nature.

Amfivia, 11 years creating tourism experiences.

Últimes històries

This is the end

29 October, 2016.Estació de Benifallet
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Nou Local Esgambi

16 August, 2016.Esgambi
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Great show in the Nits d'Estiu of the month of July

16 August, 2016.Estació de Benifallet
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Esgambi, 20 years living the Greenway

16 August, 2016.Esgambi
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