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“Stunning scenery, two spectacular National Parks: From Ports to the Ebro Delta, land of wine, the great river Ebro, historical battles, quality cuisine, mountains and sea … and people … and the Greenway. ”Viu l'experiència

With approximately 170 kilometres, the Zafan Valley Greenway is definitely one of the tourist cycle paths with the most contrasting landscapes in the whole state.
A route that takes us from the highlands of Aragon to the sea through two natural parks as spectacular and diverse as Els Ports and the Ebro Delta.

Getting to Sant Carles de la Rapita, completing the original Zafan Valley railroad project or follow the GR99 from Tortosa to reach the mouth of the Ebro River, is just the beginning of an end that will captivate you.

Live the experience of the Zafan Valley Greenway with Esgambi and Benifallet Station. Discover it … enjoy it.



The first 18 kilometres of greenway are already rehabilitated from km 0 Aragon (Puebla de Hijar) to Puigmoreno Station.

With a generally arid landscape, the route follows a smooth profile, but also with a slight incline while passing between crop fields and crossing spectacular structures such as the Torica Bridge.

Discover the land of the drums!!

  • You will find 3 stations: Puebla de Híjar, Samper de Calanda and Puigmoreno.
  • The Puebla de Hijar Station is located in the current railway line Barcelona – Madrid and therefore accessible by train at km 0 of the Zafan Valley Greenway, on the Aragon side.
  • The other stations are not rehabilitated, but in the respective villages you can find a whole range of services.



This is the last stretch of the Zafan Valley Greenway left to rehabilitate.
You can still undertake the route by using rural roads shared with vehicles.
The landscape is dry with stony tracks and some unevenness.

  • Encontramos 2 estaciones: Alcañiz y Valdealgorfa.
  • Las estaciones no están rehabilitadas, pero en los respectivos pueblos podéis encontrar todo tipo de servicios.
  • Alcañiz dispone de estación de autobuses, hospital y Parador de Turismo. A parte podemos encontrar el Circuito de Motorland.



We find the Greenway restored from the Valdealgorfa station onwards although at the very beginning we find a small detour through the equinox tunnel which is closed.
It is precisely this tunnel, the longest of the entire route at 2km, is one of the most attractive tourist resources in the area since during the two equinoxes of the year, the first ray of light crosses the tunnel from one side to the other, so you really can ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel!’.
A typical Mediterranean landscape with crops and pine forests. The profile is a continuous up and down with a final gentle climb (3%) from the station of Torre del Compte, for a continuous long stretch (9km)

  • You will find 6 Stations: Valdealgorfa, Valjunquera, Valdeltormo, Torre del Compte, Vallderoures and Cretas, all in ruins except for Torre del Compte where there is a lovely 4star Hotel-Restaurant (La Parada del Compte) and Cretas that has recently been restored with catering and accommodation (Hostel).
  • The Valdealgorfa Station is the only one left near the village, the rest are located a few kilometres from their respective villages.
  • Water point: Valdealgorfa village and Torre del Compte station.



We have now entered the Catalan stretch of the Zafan Valley Greenway and begin a journey in descent in one of the most spectacular stretches of the route.
Many tunnels, with views of the Ports Natural Park and the playful Canaleta river following us along the route. All downhill if heading to Tortosa and contrary if we start from Pinell.

  • In this section there are two areas of natural baths that are much appreciated on hot summer days, one is close to the Arnes – Lledo Station (Algars River) and the other is at the Fontcalda Sanctuary (River Canaleta) found between the stations of Prat de Comte and Pinell de Brai.
  • The Section between the stations Bot and Prat de Comte is adapted for disabled persons. Pay close attention to the wooden guardrails that have been installed, especially inside the tunnels.
  • Horta de Sant Joan, apart from being a beautiful village, also has a Picasso museum in reference to the time that the great painter spent in this town.
  • Indispensable to bring a torch/headlight due to the large number of tunnels.
  • You will find 5 stations: Arnes-Lledó, Horta de Sant Joan, Bot, Prat de Compte and Pinell de Brai, which at present are all abandoned.
  • The Station at Bot is the only one located near the village and has also recently installed an old restored train carriage as a bar-cafeteria. All other stations are a few kilometres from their respective villages.
  • Water points: Bot station and town and the Sanctuary of Fontcalda.
  • The Fontcalda Sanctuary offers restaurant and bar services and a picnic area, but it is necessary to inquire before as it is only open during the holiday period.
  • And remember that in Horta de Sant Joan you can find the headquarters of Esgambi with all our services.



The last stages heading towards the Ports Massif lead us to the great Ebro river, past the Benifallet Station, and will be our great traveling companion all the way to Tortosa. This is the most humanized stretch of the journey as we approach Tortosa, the capital of Baix Ebre, on an almost flat level.


There are certain points in this section where you must be vigilant:

  • On arriving to the station at Xerta, the route deviates from the Greenway and passes through the village. Pay attention to the indications that are there so as not to be confused!!
  • Between Xerta and Aldover Stations, you will have to cross the road twice using subways.
  • You will find 3 stations: Benifallet, Xerta and Aldover, all rehabilitated, but only Aldover functioning as bar-restaurant and BENIFALLET STATION is totally rehabilitated with accommodation, bar- restaurant and catering services.
  • The Xerta and Aldover stations are located on the outskirts of their respective villages, while Benifallet is 5km from the village.
  • Water points: Benifallet Station, Xerta Station and village, Aldover Station and village, towns of Roquetes and Tortosa.
  • Tortosa can be reached by train or bus, thus avoiding having to use a car in order to undertake the Greenway.


If you still haven’t enough and want to continue to the sea, you have two options:

  • Follow The GR99 from Tortosa to the mouth of the Ebro.
  • Continue towards the region of Montsià to the town of Sant Carles de la Rapita in order to complete the original idea of the route for the old railway line.

Ask us what we can do for you

If we do not answer immediately, please remember that we are working outdoors in nature and it may be that we cannot answer you at this precise moment. As soon we can, we will contact you.

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