Esgambi, 20 years living the Greenway

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Esgambi, 20 years

It was the year 1996 when the first entrepreneur, Víctor Navarro, believed that the Greenway of Terra Alta had a tourist potential to explore and founded ESGAMBI.

Since then, Esgambi has offered bicycle rental services, Greenway transfers, canyoning and nature activities in general.

20 years later, the potential not only remains intact, but is extended with the opening of new sections and the possibility that the Greenway of the entire Zafan Valley can be fully conditioned.

And we continue the legacy that Victor left us to be able to offer new experiences.

Amfivia, 11 years creating tourism experiences.

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Esgambi, 20 years living the Greenway

16 August, 2016.Esgambi
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